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artificial intelligence

How do you encapsulate in a speech how a whole country feels about its men's national football team? The answer is simple if you are AI, of course.

Using the pioneering technology GPT-3, we generated a motivational speech dedicated to the Spanish National Football Team for the creative agency Jon Lavin and Cervezas Victoria.

First, we obtained data using the web scraping method to identify the most relevant data and opinions, using more than 840,000 opinions extracted from Twitter as reference.

With the data clearly organised, and with fine-tuning, we train the AI to generate speeches that are refined with each iteration until it was able to produce a well-spun, motivating speech that is so realistic that it could have been come from the coach himself.


Software an AI Sources:

Python, OpenAI GPT-3 (DAVINCI 2)



1. Data Collection:

  • Hashtag definitions and social media profiles for reference purposes.
  • Tweet scraping to cache the most relevant trends. (842,460 tweets - 1 January 2021 to 11 August 2022).

2. Data Interpretation:

  • Data standardisation.
  • Information analysis compiled to define which insights are relevant to write the speech. 

3. Speech generation:

  • We used the results from the previous steps to fine tune the DaVinci natural language model of OpenAI's GPT-3 engine.
  • Design and iterations to engineer the most appropriate prompts to generate the final speech.



500,000 likes in 24 hours and more than 20M views of the spot

brand value x2



Genio Award for Innovation in Audiovisual Media.