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In Spain, there are dozens of children and adolescents who need professional help and a stable and safe family environment at the same time to recover from the emotional damage they have suffered.

The solution: find foster families whose members are educators and/or psychologists.

To do this, at the request of Redes AFE (a specialised family placement network in some of Spain’s Autonomous Communities), LLYC launched the "Armaduras emocionales" [Emotional Armour] campaign was commissioned to design and develop the campaign website.

The website shows children wearing imaginary "armour". As you scroll down, we tell you how you can help them take it off piece by piece.

[see site]


Technology stack:

Html, CSS, Vanilla JS



The website armadurasemocionales.com uses the scrollytelling technique, which combines the act of scrolling with interactive storytelling to guide users through the campaign narrative. HTML, CSS, and Vanilla JS were used to ensure the creative freedom required for this project.