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There’s nothing like a lullaby to help you drift off into the Land of Nod. But what if it’s also a lullaby that could help you win the bedroom of your dreams? We’re taking about Nanä, the website we developed together with the agency MRM. 

By singing a lullaby on the site, the user had to send all the neighbours in a building to sleep. Those successful were entered into a draw for a room designed especially for them by IKEA in collaboration with the Spanish Sleep Society. Those unsuccessful would be met by neighbours complaining about the noise, each in their own particular way.

To help achieve the objective we created a gauge to measure the pitch and intensity of the voice, guiding the user throughout the lullaby.

This was one of those projects we had always dreamed off until one day it became a reality.

See website.


Technology and development:

For the graphic development we opted for a GL PixiJS web engine with which we were able to achieve maximum fluidity in the animations. 

And to ensure that the user was singing the lullaby pitch perfect, we programmed a system to anlyse the tone of vocal harmony and compare it to a reference wave using Fast Fourier Transform. We also moderated the difficulty of the game, reducing the level of difficulty of each match significantly from the previous one, thus avoiding frustration.



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