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The airline Wamos Air has asked us to create a "high-flying" website. An integral work that includes UX/UI design, 3D modelling and, of course, programming.

The user controls the site through scrollytelling and it is they who decide how and when to access the information.

At the same time, the user can see the characteristics of each aircraft of the fleet in detail using micro-animations, hotspots, and 3D infographics. They can even configure it to their liking.

Climb aboard, make yourself comfortable and enjoy the flight:

[see site]


Technology stack:

  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • WordPress Custom Theme
  • WebGL, ThreeJS 
  • Animaciones con GSAP



This project stands out for its custom front-end page, made with HTML, CSS, and Vanilla JS. One of the project’s most notable features is the integration of WebGL and ThreeJS, which facilitates the visualisation of interactive and customisable 3D elements for users. The website also hosts a wide range of high-resolution interactive video and images, which required the implementation of an efficient cloud architecture designed to display content quickly and efficiently from any device and location.