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Once again, the MRM agency and its Christmas campaign for Campofrío gave us the opportunity to develop a very peculiar content and navigation website.

Fake Me was a fake startup that offered clients the chance to listen to, and commission, a made-to-measure reality through celebrities like Javier Gutiérrez, Boris Izaguirre, Jordi Hurtado and Yolanda Ramos. The website was therefore a campaign shop window and collection of fake news stories in video format. It was also a site for testing and discovering whether you're capable of detecting a lie, through a series of 12 headlines that the user had to classify as Fake or Not Fake in a race against the clock. Finally, we also compiled ranking of the news stories that confused users the most, summarising overall participation.

Developed with:

  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • JavaScript.
  • PHP 7,3
  • MySQL