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rich media

A microsite and a rich media banner, published on the YouTube homepage, have enabled thousands of children to live a very special experience: to receive a call from Santa Claus himself.

Parents only had to type in the name of their child in the initial field and associate their mobile to the site or banner, via a QR code.

The result was spectacular: Santa would start by talking to the child, saying their name at the beginning to attract their attention. He would then go on to tell them that he would call, and would do just that. The associated mobile would ring, and after picking up the call, the child could listen to the voice of Santa Claus, in sync with the image on the screen. A bit like a Skype call from the North Pole.

A beautiful idea by McCann Madrid which was successfully developed by the digital agency THE LION, with the collaboration of Google's creative team.

Ho Ho Ho...

Developed with:

  • HTML5.
  • Javascript.
  • Youtube API.
  • Web components.