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The Cómplices de Mahou concerts were named in honour of all of the participating artists (Mahou's accomplices). The concerts were organised by the brand to bring music closer to the people. Unique concerts, at small venues, with no mobile coverage, for a small group of lucky people, followed by their friends on Facebook. How? By accessing the app "Cómplices de Mahou”. The app displayed live images of the audience and the artist during each of the 5 events. 

To do so, the digital agency THE LION personalised the software of several photo cameras. The objective: to make it possible for them to upload all of the images captured by the photographers in real time.

THE LION was responsible from a technological perspective, along with the agency This is underground, which is specialised in organising musical events. A real pleasure working with them.

Developed with:

  • Java.
  • Java sockets.
  • PHP.
  • HTML5.