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MRM Madrid has created an event to strengthen and increase the visibility of Pavofrío's Delicious Calm campaign. It has put a restaurant dedicated to women into operation. A meeting point to chat, discuss and unwind from daily stress, with a very special menu comprised of stress-free dishes.

The contribution of THE LION: www.deliciosacalma.com, the website where you can reserve a table to try delicious dishes such as:

"I couldn't care less about being perfect after giving birth and cucumber ravioli", or...

"I still don't have a partner and I couldn't care less on an avocado and cranberry base".

A fun website that also offers participants the possibility of suggesting new dishes. 

Sounds delicious, right?

Developed with:

  • Html5 parallax.
  • Php.
  • MySQL.


  • 1 lion, at the Cannes lions Festival.
  • 1 cdec at the Cdec awards.
  • 3 ojos at the Festival de Iberoamérica.
  • 13 soles, at the El Sol Festival.
  • 2 epicas, at the Epica awards.
  • 2 eurobest, at the Eurobest Festival.
  • 1 efi at the Premios a la Eficacia en Comunicación Comercial.