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This year we've also been lucky enough to work on Unicef's latest project, developing the campaign's website, through which thousands of users have made donations. This was a great idea from the digital team at the agency JWT and their creative director Chuwi García.

It all started with a simple tweet, and despite its short length, it was very effective: #cierraUNICEF [closeUNICEF]. To reinforce this idea, that day the NGO's official website displayed the text that always appears when a web page doesn't work "Error 404 - Page not found". This instantly became a Trending Topic, until eventually it was revealed that it was a successful campaign concept. "Help to achieve a world in which Unicef isn't necessary. Collaborate in order to close Unicef".

A complete challenge and a complete success.

Developed with:

  • Angular JS to implement the front-end.
  • Laravel to implement the back-end.


  • 1 Sol at the El Sol Festival.